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I’m Sarah Kolcheck, the face and brains behind Kolcheck Creative. I am a graphic designer, a wife, and a mom.

Spending time laughing with my best gal pals, game nights with my husband and son, quiet mornings with coffee in hand, and sunny vacations spent on Lake Michigan are just a few things that fill my cup.

Design is and has been my passion for the last 10 years, but a close second is food and hospitality. I believe in the power of gathering with friends and loved ones, and breaking bread together. There is something precious about sharing a meal and conversation — which is why I am so drawn to the restaurant industry.

I am here to help your restaurant shine in its originality! I want you to be confident and proud of the way you present your restaurant to the world. Your logo and brand identity should be a magnet, drawing in your dream customers, and also do justice to your amazing establishment you have worked so hard to build!

you & i will work perfectly together if…

You understand your dream customer and personality of your business.

You have a solid understanding of who you are and why you exist. Your WHY  behind your WHAT. Haven’t quite figured it  out yet? Dig a little deeper into your establishment’s DNA with my brand clarity workbook before we get started on design.  Download here.

You are ready to let go of the reins and trust a pro with your designs

Listen, I get it. It is HARD to let go of control of anything that has to do with your business you have worked SO hard to build. Help me, help you by giving the design process room to breathe. If you have exact instructions on what you are looking for in your designs, you will be missing out on some serious creative genius. Trust me on this one. I promise to keep you in the loop, get important details from you on the front end, and create space for constructive feedback.

You are ready to make an investment in the future success of your business

Diving into hiring a designer can be financially scary, for sure! HOWEVER, take a step back and look 5 or 10 years down the road. Think of all the loyalty and trust that your business will be surrounded with, visually defined by this powerful brand identity system that you invested in years ago. Your future self is going to high-five you on this one.

You are digging what you are seeing

Have you taken a look at my portfolio? Let’s make sure we are a good style fit. I’m going to create something super unique and custom for you; I just want to make sure you are pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down!